Masters on 45s

In this ongoing serrie Masters on 45s I took my old record player and decide to use it in my work before I throw it away. I put a reproduction of an old masters paintings and super heroes dolls on it and take pictures in a variable speeds.
the low-tech record player connect and mix between iconics masters painting and digital contemporary photography to Create new representation.
all works is for sale. prints on fine art archive paper. 100/100 c'm -Archivail pigment print Edition of 5 +2ap
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Domenico Ghirlandaio 6-masters-on-45s tamir sher 10-masters-on-45s tamir sher 3-from-masters-on-45s tamir sher 1-from-masters-on-45s 13-from-masters-on-45s
16masterson45s masters-on-45s tamir sher 8-masters-on-45s tamir sher from-masters-on-45s tamir sher masters on 45s tamir-sher-Raphael
7-masters-on-45s tamir sher From Masters on 45s tamirsher (9) van-hik 9-masters-on-45s tamir sher Tamir sher 12-from-masters-on-45s
superman batman heros-(2) 14--from-super-heros 15--from-super-heros heros-(4)
heros-(9) IMG 3879 IMG 3913